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On 14 January 2005 Parama Entertainment cooperates with one of the leading music producers Dorie Kalmas, establishing a division engaging in the field of recording. The objectives and purposes there of shall be to be able to keep up with the development of the music in Indonesia. In producing a song album, Parama cooperates
with the leading musicians in Indonesia.

We gather and develop the musical talents of our model. These models are recommended to us bys practice studio partners as well as recording studios. Whereas the singers or bands depositing the musical demo or voice sample with us shall be distributed to the appropriate party. The Recording division not only works on musical album, but also works on musical illustration or background music for the movies we produced.

We shall also produce soundtrack album of a movie and an artist participating in such album shall be “Cliva” a band we established from the talents in Parama. Cliva shall release its first album in the near future. The plan of this Recording division shall be to continue to produce the best music from various different musical genre.

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bravo for parama entertainment

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